Tuesday, 7 July 2009

And our Special Thanks Go To...


We have been so grateful to everyone for your support over these past 6 months – whether by phone, physical presence, e-mail, the Blog, prayers or thought. It has been a fantastic comfort and encouragement to us all.

A special thanks however, must go to the wonderful friends upon whom we have prevailed in eight of the 14 countries we’ve travelled through on our Overland trip. So without further ado, we would like to publicly say a heart-felt thank you to our following friends...

Zambia - Hugo & Alice, Zoe, Ivan & Dima FIRX

Kenya -  Matthew & Alice, Ruby & Guy OWEN

                Chris & Karen, Daisy, Barnaby & Jasper STEPHENSON

                Tony & Adrienne MILLS

Ethiopia - Ali & Johnathan & Holly NAPIER

                     Gavin & Lizzie, Isabella & Amalie COOK      

Sudan - Amy & Shaun, Noah & Oscar HUGHES

Egypt - Kate & Rick, Anna, Joe & Sam PHILLIPS

Burundi - Val & Charles, Sam, Matthew & John CARR

Mozambique -  Heinrich VON PETZEL

                              Clare & Tim, Jonathan & Zea COLE

South Africa - Colleen MEYBURG, James, Tristan & Sophie EGREMONT-LEE

                               Lucy WELFORD, Loki, Felix & Scarlett OSBORN

                               Sussi & Steve (Darling) GALLEY, Holly & Ben BEATON

                               Dibs & Rog, Jazzy, Monty & Gabes HAWKINS

                               Mush & Jannie & Jakers VAN GEMARK


Finally, to our team mates, JAMBANJA: Robert, Nicky, Max & Xander, without whom there wouldn’t have been Jangano 2009. Thanks guys, it has been an amazing, wonderful and unique journey travelling the African continent with you!


The MAHALI team,

Gus, Mands, Jake, Ben & Little Max x x x x x

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