Sunday, 23 November 2008

Welcome to Jambanja 2009!

We're officially up and running!


  1. hey robbie, Well Done Darl!! This is a massive step closer to the Real Thing now and we're all getting very excited in the Le B household!!!
    PS Ben says Hi! back to Xander!

  2. Some of the children in this photograph are clearly not yours. Please rectify this before packing your vehicles and crossing borders.

    ps: extremely cool acronym! Go forth Jambanja - I expect a call from a police station by mid Jan (probably after a Gus&Rob show in Lalibela)

  3. yay, we're on... or, you're on and we're on for them blogs...

  4. Fab I'm in the piccy so does that mean I am in on the trip!!!
    Looking good guys. I shall look forward to reading about the next 6 or 7 months! Vixx

  5. Given during this odysessy you're either going to be driving, site-seeing or drinking (preferably all three), and largely out of Net range in the dark but sexy continent, are we to presume that this blog is for all your displaced friends to meet??
    If so, sweet .. and let me begin: Me name's Jim. I like water sports, I'm a scorpio, and i lurve readin (tho mainly the cricket results - when we win!)
    Finally, a thought for the day as you commence this glorious assignment: Wasted time that you enjoy is not wasted time.