Monday, 1 December 2008

Here's Who We Are

With a couple of extras....

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  1. Dearest Robert, Nicky and all: You are (were) in Marsabit: A mere 28 years ago, having travelled overland from London to Nairobi, I got a job running a small safari camp site called Kurungu in South Horr, just 20 or 30 miles west of there: I lived with the Samburu, and once every two weeks a safari truck would turn up, camp for one night, leave me my supplies and poste restante from Nairobi, and then go off again, leaving me to play with the Samburu: A diet of porridge, mango, and giraffe curry. Paradise indeed!

    Now, in Twickenham, it’s snowing, cold and bright: I’m wearing a suit and tie and am off to court in central London to oppose a Polish extradition warrant! Good God, a sensible man would be near the equator! Love and laughter to you all. Jim Kirby. xxx