Monday, 29 December 2008

Where to Next?!

A pertinent question, and one we spent much time discussing yesterday over lunch at the Rusty Nail in Karen. Robert's cousin, Nigel, has rather unexpectedly appeared in the region, and plans are being hatched to meet up. The plans thus far are sketchy, I'd have to say, but that seems somehow in keeping with the tone of the expedition. As they currently stand, we're meeting at the Wamba turnoff at 10am on the 31st. Anyone who knows the Wamba turnoff will appreciate how far-fetched and unlikely it is that anyone will actually be there at 10am on the 31st (apart, of course, from the two camels and a Samburu herdboy that are there at 10am on most days). But we'll see. New Years Eve in the Chalbi Desert has a certan ring to it!

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