Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Procrastination and the love of yoga

Why oh why am I still finishing off work tasks I should have done weeks ago? With only 4 days til D-Day and Robert breathing down my neck to get the packing done I really hope that our 6 month break will teach me the art of not procrastinating over unpleasant and boring tasks. Or better still that I learn never to take them on in the first place! Having said that I suppose I can't really hope to avoid washing up and taking the tent down altogether. Might make me rather unpopular with the rest of the team. Since neither Mands and Gus, nor Robert and I have ever spent 6 consecutive months with our spouses in relationships of 22 and 25 years respectively, we'd probably be wise to eliminate as many potential sources of friction as possible. Although my right foot already aches at the thought of all that virtual braking.... and that's just on the journey from Harare to Chirundu on the Zambian border.

This morning I had a final last yoga session with one of my wonderful teachers, Philippa, so actually I feel pretty centred and calm, which bodes well. She and my other amazing yoga teacher, Jenny, have been really enthusiastic and supportive about this trip and have made lots of useful suggestions for how we can keep supple and stay positive. I am looking forward to practice sessions on the beach in Tanzania next week with Mands and Max (who has been quite a regular at classes recently). And perhaps some if not all the other boys in the party will be tempted by the bright orange and blue yoga mats or the prospect of being able to touch their toes.


  1. hello nicola and robert - so excited when i got news of your trip to come. good luck, be safe and i'm subscribing to your feed so - be interesting!

    lots of photos please!

    love candy gourlay in london

  2. Hi Nicky, get those children writing as much as possible. I'm amazed by how useful an aide memoire our family travel blog became -

    As for lists, there's only so much preparation you can do. Adventure is often off list. Although I hope for you lot is is v safe adventure, you know Robert standing by a rhino, not up to guns. Lots of love, Nic

  3. Nicola & Robert and boys - Wow! - you are getting close to an amazing adventure! We will be following the web site and blog with great interest and praying for safety for all of you. We hope you have a great deal of fun and learning - about Africa and each other! Love from us all - Christine, Curt, Kate and Shani (in California)

  4. Great to see your news hope you guys had a fab Christmas, and you got to enjoy lots of yoga on the beach! With love from the Wakefields