Monday, 29 December 2008

Ben and Xander at the Zambia-Tanzania border

Visit our channel at youtube - Jangano2009 - to see some video clips that we have shot and edited as we prepared for the expedition, and now that we are on the move. The latest two are of our first day on the road, as seen from the Adams-Harford car, and of Ben and Xander watching the world go by at the border between Zambia and Tanzania.


  1. How is poor Max?
    Is he over his mumps?


  2. Hi its jessie ,I wish I could come with you.
    Its my birthday tomorrow and I'm having a great time (birthday- January 2nd)For my birthday i'm going to the climbing centre then the boys are going home and the girls are staying for a curry, film and sleepover.Hope you're all okay and have a good trip