Monday, 29 December 2008

I fed a giraffe in Africa..

Despite the screed from Gus early this morning (long before this sleepy traveller was awake) I thought I would make the most of the free internet access we have here in Karen to keep our loyal and ever-growing band of followers updated. That’s all nine of you! Of course we assume many 100s more eagerly await our next posting. We’ve had a happy couple of days spent mostly eating and repacking it seems, with the wonderful Cecilia cooking and washing for us. Definitely easing our way into this six month epic…We took time to visit some friendly giraffes and then we all nobly sacrificed precious books, smelly socks, useful pieces of string and old bits of chewing gum in the name of ‘rationalisation’ and ‘shaking down’ and now we have MASSES more room. Mands may be able to move her legs in Mahale (the Le Breton car) tomorrow and if he's really lucky Alexander will have a seat inside Jambanja (the Harford/Adams car). And so we’re off again before we get too accustomed to our creature comforts, into the wilds of northern Kenya.

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