Sunday, 18 January 2009

Goodbye Jakers, by Mands

As the glorious first month On The Road is almost completed, we can definitely look back and celebrate no major mishaps, no major squabbles and no major breakdowns.
Yet my heart is sore. For today, I drove Jakers to Woodridge to begin a new life at boarding school. Jangano is no longer a 9-strong team; we are now down to 8. At least for the next 2 and a half months, at least...
We have been so lucky to have had Jake on The Trip for this first month. But now it's time for him to start another new adventure. Without us this time. Instead, with lots of other 13-year olds, all at the same time, all in the same boat: all with the same sense of newness and not-knowing, nerves and trepidation. A new school career. Thankfully, Woodridge is the sort of school that warmly welcomes and embraces their new students, particularly those from without South African borders. Even better, the Head's understanding of Jake's predicament with regard to The Trip, has led to a free ticket to complete our Epic Journey once he rejoins us in the Easter holiday. This will mean missing the first half of the second term. But that's OK, because it's the first term that is so important.
Which reminds me why my heart is so sore. For today, I drove Jakers to Woodridge to begin a new life at boarding school.
Actually, though the day was peppered with intense moments of emotion and spontaneous tear-pricking of the eyes (my eyes, that is), the two of us have had a really special time together. We have talked in a way that has long been part of our normal form of communication: sharing secrets, amusements, jokes and fears. The constant hopping from nervousness to excitement has left me exhausted. And weepy. But also with a deep sense of contentment, knowing deep down that I left Jake in a good place. He's going to be just fine. I know it and that helps enormously. And yet, my heart is still sore...


  1. Most jealous of this trip Rob whenever I dip in :( and as for goodbyes... mine's only 5 yrs old so I've got a wee while to wait for this kinda stuff, but 'I hear you' as they say.

    In case you're missing life back home, read this:

  2. Having a great time reading. Jake off to school........where has the time gone.
    Prayers with you and him