Thursday, 15 January 2009

Max Le B's thoughts on Addis Ababa

Holly is our friend from Zim. She lives in Addis Ababa. Yesterday at lunch time, she found 2 puppies and at night one puppy died. Snowy is a white puppy. This place is a lovely place. I am sleeping in a tent with my brothers in the garden, because we can't sleep in the house, because there's not enough space. Robert and Nicky are at the British Embassy. 
There are many buggies on the road and we play "Punch Buggy", so whenever you see a buggy [Volkswagon beetle], you punch someone not hard and say "Punch buggy!" And some people driving in the cars are so nice because they stop and let us pass.
Back in Zimbabwe, I hope none of our dogs die [?!], or any of our animals. Hello Ms Breanach and Miss Bismark and everyone in 1A and 1B!!

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  1. This is a hilarious post: the kids in the tent (I know more fun!) and Nicky and Robert at the British Embassy... A wonderful lesson in living in style, on the road. lol, nic