Friday, 19 June 2009

Feelings by Max A

Our last night as Jangano 2OO9 was spent camping at the very bottom of
the continent, at Cape Agulhas. Here a vote was held comprising of ten
questions about the trip.

1. Favourite campsite? Dune palm camp
in the Western desert.
2. Least favourite campsite? Bee camp in
Western Tanzania.
3. Favourite non-campsite? Staying with the
Phillips in Cairo.
4. Favourite meal? Coshery, a
mixture of rice and noodles made by the three lighties. Guess who the
winning votes came from?
5. Least favourite meal? Raw chicken in
Quelimane, Mozambique.
6. Coolest thing we did? Swimming with
the whale shark in Mozambique.
7. Most enjoyable day? Find the LRDG
vehicle in the middle of the desert.
8. Favourite landscape? No winner but
Ethiopian highlands, Rwenzori mountains and the Great Sand Sea got two
votes each.
9. Most interesting people that we met? David and Bridget,
fellow travelers who we met up with on the Aswan-Wadi Halfa ferry.
1O. Favourite beach? Jakobsen's
beach on Lake Tanganyika in Western Tanzania.

Although these were the winning votes they did not show the whole
story. Everybody had different opinions on every question. Other votes

1. Guzman's Pass, Western Desert, Egypt; Namunyak, Northern Kenya
2. Russels Place, Pemba was another but Bee Camp had this category
pretty well wrapped up.
3. Chimpanzee Place in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda and Casa
Heinrich on Ilha do Mozambique.
4. Fried breakfast in Colobus Camp, Uganda and Breakfast in Mike and
Arlene's B&B in Durban.
5. Gus cooked a meal of corned beef in Sudan that had Xander throwing
up. Soggy cornflakes in the NFD got my vote and Jake picked his 'three
legged chicken' in Western Kenya.
6. I loved the White Water Rafting in Jinja, Uganda and the Gorilla
trek also ranked pretty highly. Axe-throwing in Pemba was Little Max's
choice. How out of character. NOT!
7. The desert won outright here. Four votes went to the LRDG day and
two more to the desert transect in Sudan.
8. I love the view of Kariba and the Zambezi escarpment and Marsibit
National Park also got a vote.
9. Ben liked the Mursi tribe and another one was the Australian biker
that Robert and Gus met in Wadi Halfa.
1O. The beach on Lake Kivu in Rwanda and in Pemba took a vote each but
Jakobsen's was a real favourite and got most.

This still doesn't cover everything but most of it. It was extremely
hard to choose with over 17O days on the road to choose from. I think
each section of the trip was given a fair showing except for the
desert sections. Even though we spent less than three weeks altogether
in the desert it pulled almost 4O% of the 'favourite' votes. It is
officially our favourite section of the trip!
Although this is slightly a self-indulgence exercise I hope you find
it interesting.
Max from Gabarone, Botswana.

P.S. The Adams/Harfords are getting home tomorrow. Its going to be our last day.

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