Friday, 5 June 2009


We left Ilha de Mozambique on the 25th of May and travelled hard for
three days via Quelimane, Gorongosa, over the Zambezi and on to
Pomene. From there we drove to Inhambane where we stayed for two
nights and squeezed some diving in. A night in Maputo and then a bit
more diving in Ponta do Ouro. The non-divers had an adventure of their
own which I'm sure they'll write about soon. Then into South Africa on
the 2nd. Jangano reluctantly hit the shops in Durban and then moved

We are now in Howick. Where? You say. It is just inland from Durban
where we parked up last night. We were aiming for Sani Pass near
Lesotho but unfortunately a bit of plastic on the front of Mahali was
melted by some over-enthusiastic grease. So the wheels are wobbling
all over the place, but hopefully it will be fixed today.
And then onwards to Cape Town!

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