Tuesday, 17 February 2009

15 February 2009, by Alexander

We are now in Cairo staying at Kate and Rick's house with their dog, their parrot, their two guinea pigs and Sam, Joe and Anna their children.

Today I woke up and played Lego. I went down to breakfast I had Frosties then we went to a huge castle. We went to a mosk (mosque) which was quite impressive. We went to another huge mosk which must have been a couple of hundred feet tall.

The we went to the prison where you looked through the bars and saw dummies of the criminals. We got some crisps then we went to the museum. We saw two fighter jets and six or seven tanks. I saw a missile about 10 meters long and two DUCK (amphibious cars) and a bulldozer. Inside the museum we saw loads of gun and models.

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