Saturday, 7 February 2009

Being a kid in Sudan (by Little Max)

Being a kid in Sudan isn't bad. Firstly, since most people there aren't that tall, you don't feel as short as you do in other countries....

Another cool thing is that, becasue we slept out in the desert a lot, nobody really cared if went to bed in our pyjamas or our clothes.

And nobody really cared how dirty we got either. Which was just as well, as some of us got VERY dirty indeed!

When Mummy wasn't looking, we got to play some really great games. This was my favourite - it was called "Let's Pretend Alexander's a Donkey". It is a great game.

Another thing about the desert is that all the grown-ups become more relaxed and they don't seem to notice all the dirt and stuff any more. Maybe it's because they're also really dirty....

The best thing about being in the desert in Sudan, though, was that everywhere we went, without exception, they have these awesome great big sand pits, which are free for anybody who wants to use them. We could play as much as we wanted, wherever we wanted.

Oh yes, and the last thing about the desert in Sudan is that it turned Daddy back into the Biggest Kid of all. Look at this photo.

I love the desert in Sudan and I can't wait to go back!

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  1. ..and probably the dirtiest kid, too, as well as the ça change...