Monday, 9 February 2009

Our Day on A Felluca (by Max, Ben and Xander)

Max Le B: Yesterday, we went on a felucca. It’s a sleeping boat, because the Captain can sleep in it; he sleeps under where they put up the big flag. We went down the Nile. I enjoyed myself because we blew some wind with our mouths on the sail to make it go! We overtook another felucca. At lunchtime, we ate some watermelon and we had a special treat: some coke! We had fish for lunch; I ate 4 eyeballs and they weren’t very nice, but I was just hungry. I got off the boat and had a little swim. We threw the fish bones in the River Nile. Maybe a croc will eat them? The sun was setting by the time we came back.

Benedict: Yesterday we spent the whole day sailing on the River Nile. At first, I was a bit worried we were going to sink. Also, I have lots of cuts, so maybe I’d get bilharzias. But in the end, nothing happened like that and I felt really great. We had a good refreshing swim, where there wasn’t any bilharzias. Fortunately, there wasn’t any crocs; we reckon they’ve all been killed. Our felucca had this big king size mattress on all the wood, which we lay on most of the time. We played games and ate and read and listened to music. We played Sudoku and wrote diaries. It was so fun and so relaxing. Captain Kiwi and his ship mate made us a brilliant lunch, just like a buffet! My best part of the day was the swimming. I loved our day on the felucca!

Alexander: Yesterday, we went on a felucca. A felucca is like a big boat with a huge sail and a very tall mast. The captain’s name was Captain Kiwi and he gave us some lunch, which was fish and rice and salad. We stopped at a little island place and the captain and his mate cooked our fish. Me and my friend Ben swam in the Nile and played Lego on the beach. It gave me an influence to maybe be a sailor when I grow up! My mum and Ben and me stroked a little donkey, which was cute. We found a tiny, tiny shell. Me and Ben played a game where we were like cabin boys on a ship! That was quite fun! We saw for some reason, lots of fire engines and ambulances going along the road. We saw party boats with loads of people on, which we hoped was nothing to do with that. We were on the boat for about 7 and a half hours, relaxing and playing games on our i-pods and listening to music. It was a really good day and really fun.

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