Monday, 20 April 2009

Around Mt Elgon.

Mt Elgon from the Kenyan side - the view from Tony and Adrienne Mill's farm.

Mt Elgon from the Ugandan side - the view from the Crow's Nest Lodge, Sipi

Over the past couple of days we have rounded the mighty Mt Elgon, from the Kenyan side, through the delightful, sleepy border post at Suam, and into Uganda. A slippery, treacherous road snakes for eighty kilometers round the Ugandan side of the mountain, to Sipi, where we stay the night at the "Crow's Nest", overlooking Sipi Falls. In the morning, a steep climb down to the pool below the falls, then a drive down to Jinja, and the source of the Nile. Now we are at the Nile River Explorer's campsite; Max and Jake have had an exilarating day white water rafting on the river that has accompanied us through so much of the Jangano expedition; an appropriate farewell, as tomorrow we move on to Kampala, and so say farewell to the Niles, Blue and White, that have been beside us, more or less, since January.

Sipi Falls, eastern Uganda - note the comparative size of the Janganos exploring the undercliff!

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