Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sand River Camp, Maasai Mara, by Alexander

Today we arrived at Sand River Camp. I got out of the car and went for a swim. The camp was on a river bank. There were two big shady trees, some rocks and some long tall grass. We are camping with our friends called the Stevensons. Their names are Chris, Karen, Jasper,Barnaby and Daisy. We went on a game drive and we saw something really cool - three cheetahs.

It was so cool because they were very rare. They ran after a Tommy's Gazelle.

What made us laugh is that they rolled on their backs and gave big yawns. They were spotty and slim and moved very stealthily.

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  1. Three cheetahs!!! Wow. We have to look for three peters in a row to get a similar excitement on the streets of London (because it's v rare). lol, Nic