Sunday, 5 April 2009

Two new videos

Back into civilisation, in Nairobi, with a decent internet connection
and power for the laptops for the first time in a fortnight; so I've
cut and uploaded two new videos to our youtube channel and our website. is a piece by Alexander
about our trusty Volcano kettle.
v=0jl8FAzuEn4 is a longer story about our days out in the Great Sand
Sea searching for a truck abandoned by the Long Range Desert Group in
Both of these will shortly by linked through the "Videos - going
down" page on our website at and there will be
more videos coming up soon - including something from the Omo Valley
in Southern Ethiopia, a bit of off-road fun in the Luggah's of
northern Kenya, and the long-awaited "Mandy's Desert Salon"!


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