Friday, 6 March 2009

Desert Adventures by Alexander

Getting Stuck

We got stuck about ten, twelve times. Once we got bogged so badly we
had to get the Hi Lift Jack out and lift the car up and dig. We also
had to use the tow rope to tow the car out.

LRDG truck

We found a Long Range Desert Group truck which me and big Max slept in. It had a machine gun holder and six ammo closets. We played a soldier game in it. The underneath was in brilliant condition. The top was OK but rusty - I mean RUSTY. The bonnet was missing and it was very deeply dug in.

The Dunes

The dunes are so smooth and they moved so fast and the edges were so sharp they were brilliant. The tops were like snakes and you got sunlight on one side and shadow on the other. The longest dune line in the world is 120 kms long and we drove along it!

Desert fox

We saw a desert fox. He ate one of out sweets. He or she was beautiful. It came to our camp and drank water from one of our cups. And he wasn't at all afraid of us. It looked a lot my my Granny and Grandpa's dog Pippin with long ears and a long bushy tail.

Sleeping Out.

We sometimes slept out under the stars and on some nights it was warm, some cold. My Dad taught me how to use Orion and the Plough to find the North Star.

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