Friday, 13 March 2009

Luxor by Big Max

I just looked at the blog for the first time in ages as we have just arrived in Khartoum. And realised that nobody has written about Luxor. I really enjoyed my time there and I plan to write a couple of pieces about it.

Im sure some people must think that endlessly going around ancient sites must completely bore most memebers of the Jangano Team. But it doesnt. Even the three younger boys never complain. They seem to possess an amazing amount of energy that just isn't dimmed by sightseeing.

And Luxor is one place where you have to be in the mood. Pretty much the first temple we saw was the Temple of Karnak which is a brilliant complex. Massive, 64 hectares of columns, statues and obelisks. It really lit the fire for all of us and showed me that there is more to the place than the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

The city of Thebes was the most magnificent in ancient Egypt and held the strongest dynasties. Rameses II, Rameses lll, Tutankhamun, and dozens of other mighty Pharoahs were based there. They built like beavers. Temples of Amun Ra here, statues of themselves there and millions of other monuments. It's just incredible what is there and what is still being excavated.

The mayor of Luxor has said that he wants to make his town into the greatest open air museum in the world. And if there is one place where that is possible then Luxor is that place!

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