Sunday, 8 March 2009

Exercising on the move

We're often asked how we get enough exercise on the road. Here are some of the ways we keep ourselves fit and healthy.

1. Towing the cars. By hand.

When the children need a bit of a run around, we stop the cars and hitch them to the kids for a tow. It also gives the engines a chance to cool down.

2. Jumping on Big Max.

One of our favourite exercises. Certain hefty grownups have had to be banned from it, due to complaints from Big Max's ribcage, but it never ceases to amuse the younger members of the team.

3. French cricket.

A perennial favourite on HarfordAdams/Le Breton expeditions. Our rule is that we play until we lose the ball. Some of our recent games in the desert have been very short indeed!

4. Gymnastics.

Sandy Mandy's desert gymnastics classes have proved very popular with the team. Here Ben tries the technically challenging Reverse Teapot with a Double Tuck manoeuvre.
Big Max having a go at the handstand.

5. Graffiti in the sand. An unconventional but effective means of exercising some of the junior team members.

The graffiti.

How it was written.

6. Yoga.

Not sure what this was supposed to be, but fortunately no mechanical recovery equipment was actually required to get Mands out of it, although the winch had been primed......

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