Thursday, 19 March 2009

moving on

A quick update, to mark our position, as it were... We have just had
a couple of days in Addis, where we have been joined for the next two
weeks by Mands' sister Vicky - Hi Vicky, welcome to the Jangano

Today, we leave Addis with cars cleaned, boxes repacked and laundry
done, and head down towards the wild and extraordinary Omo Valley in
southern Ethiopia, where tribes of pastoralists live virtually
untouched by the modern world. Then south again, into northern Kenya,
around the end of the month, to Lake Turkana; and Nairobi around 4th
April, in time to meet Jake off the plane from school.

We'll update as and when we can, but contact will surely be sparse
and sporadic for the next couple of weeks.


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