Saturday, 7 March 2009


A question almost everyone surely would love to ask, but dare not for fear of being too personal?!

There is not a lot, however, that escapes the “too personal” when travelling in close companionship with others.

Especially when you’re on the road for 6 months together!

And especially when camping!!

Camping, under any circumstances, generally breaks down most of the “too personal” barriers. We in the Jangano team have most assuredly passed into the realm of sharing personal information about our bodily functions. Many a conversation around the campfire has been inspired by a noisy release of gas from one of us – I mean, from one of the children.

Peeing is the easy part. Well, if you’re male, that is. It has been somewhat more challenging for Nicky and myself, but we have been creative in our use of kikoyis  (so long as we can persuade someone to stand by dutifully holding the cloth up, whilst looking away!) But we have managed admirably, though I say so myself.

The more tricky aspect of ablutions – the unmentionable – has actually proved to be quite a source of fun and amusement. One has to be prepared, however, for there are a few essentials that one cannot complete the exercise successfully without. These include the obvious loo roll, a small shovel (optional) and a box of matches or a lighter (compulsory). One can then confidently march out of camp to find the nearest -or furthest- bush, tree island or sand dune to hide behind. It’s always best if you can find a spot with a view, of course, such as atop a stunning sand dune, or amongst giant wind-sculptured boulders. It can often be a glorious moment! We can usually gauge the level of success by the facial expression of the returnee. Smiling: good; glum: not so good. If there has been a couple of days without success, we have discovered the perfect recipe: a handful of those delicious fresh dates that can be found at any Egyptian souq.

Yes indeed, us Harford-Adams/ Le Breton campers are really getting to know each other at a new level!

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