Sunday, 15 March 2009

Halfway point

We celebrated Ben and Gus's birthdays this past week - happy birthday, guys! A couple of fellow overlanders, David and Bridget, from Somerset in the UK, who are travelling across Africa in a Land Rover, whistled up a birthday cake in the car park at Aswan harbour as we waited to load our vehicles onto the ferry south to Sudan.

Cake eaten, paperwork completed, and several hours spent waiting in the sun, we waved goodbye to Jambanja and Mahali, and the Landy, and watched, with some trepidation, as our beloved vehicles sailed away down Lake Nasser on a rusty barge. Then we boarded the rusty barge that masquerades as a passenger ferry, and sailed away into the sunset ourselves.
Now we are about to leave Khartoum, south again to Ethiopia, crossing the bridge between the two halves of the Jangano expedition. We've been on the road for almost exactly three months, and have the same to run again.

. A couple of days of refit and "housekeeping" in Addis, and then the next big phase of our adventure - the Omo Valley, one of the wildest places on the planet!

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