Thursday, 26 March 2009

Omo Valley tribes by Xander

24 March. Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Today we visited a Mursi village. The ladies all had stretched lips and all had plates in their lips. Sometimes they took the plates out and their lips hung there.

They dressed in a nice way. The dresses on the ladies were made out of bark. On their heads they had beads and warthog tusks. The men carried AK-47's which is a cool gun. We went swimming in the river and fished with the Mursi and they used our rods.

Hamer village. Bull Jumping

When a Hamer man is ready to get married he has to do a Bull Jumping ceremony to show he is a man. When we got to the the man's village the people were singing, drinking, dancing and blowing horns. Then I noticed that everyone was moving to a shelter where they were making coffee. Ben Max and I played a game where we were all bushmen. 

Young men whipped female relatives of the man who was going to jump the bulls. The women didn't scream, shout or cry. After a bit the whippers herded the bulls into a line of twelve and the man jumped them. He jumped onto them and ran across their backs six times.

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  1. Hoz do the ladies eat with plates in their mouths<<< lola and nell (in Lille, france)