Friday, 6 March 2009

The Pyramids by Little Max & Ben



Little Max: I thought they were very good. You have to climb up a lot inside the biggest, the actual Great pyramid. We climbed ladders up through teensy tunnels. We didn’t get to the very top, but half way up there was the burial chamber. It was hot in there and a bit hard to breathe! We saw a sarcophagus with a broken lid, but it was empty.

We didn’t have time to go to the small pyramid, but we did go to the Sphinx. It wasn’t as big as I was expecting and I thought you could go inside it, but I was wrong. Two sarcophagi were just behind the feet of it. I loved the Sphinx and the pyramids! I would like to go back some day.


Ben: I felt really happy that we went there and grateful that we are able to go there. Around the pyramids, there were lots of tourists and guides and camels and a lot of plastic bags flying around in the air! At Giza, there were the 3 great pyramids. They were probably the biggest I will ever see in my life and they are very famous. They’re magical.

Inside the biggest pyramid, I felt happy, excited, scared and annoyed.  Annoyed, because they took our cameras away and we could only have them if we had a guide and we didn’t want a guide. It was really steep going up to the middle of the big pyramid, which is as high as you can go. In the burial chamber, it was really hot; I felt as if I would collapse and there was a massive stone coffin with half its lid off. There wasn’t anything inside, though. It was a bit disappointing to come all the way into the pyramid and up and up and up and being worried that we might fall, and then getting into the room full of tourists and finding an empty stone coffin! They should have left the body inside, but taken all the treasure, to make it more realistic and more exciting!

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