Saturday, 7 March 2009

Driving in the Desert (By Ben) With Pictures

Getting the cars out of the sand is a real team effort!

It’s been fun coming down some of the dunes. Personally, getting stuck is really good fun. We have to get everybody out of the cars and digging under the wheels to move the sand out of the way.

Jambanja got extremely stuck at one point, when we were coming over a steep dune and it got stuck on the top. We had to dig not only under the wheels, but everywhere else also.

Jambanja's wheels spinning on top of a dune.

Every time Daddy stops the car, we love to jump out and play around in the sand – unless we’re stuck, of course!

It can get very hot and on one side of our car the window is broken, so we can’t open it. But when we do open it, it can’t close again and then it gets very cold because it’s very windy. Daddy is a good driver in the desert, because he’s experienced this kind of sand-driving before. The desert sand is sometimes hard and sometimes soft. We can go fast on the hard sand, but we go slow in the soft sand.

Driving fast on the hard sand

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